Foxlight: Jessica Simpson; Peter Jackson; Kiefer Sutherland

Jessica is daddy's girl, Peter Jackson can afford a new pair of shoes and 24 hours with Kiefer in today's Foxlight.

Is Jessica Simpson (search) really as stupid as she seems on that MTV show "Newlyweds?" A New York paper asked her father Joe at a recent event. If you haven't caught his brain trust daughter on the show, she turns down buffalo wings because she says she doesn't eat buffalo and thinks tuna called "Chicken Of The Sea" is chicken.

Proud papa says she is so good on the show because she has nothing to hide. And defending her he says, "I believe that Jessica represents all the questions that women across America want to ask their husbands but are afraid to." Well now we see the brains in the family are inherited.

Peter Jackson (search) is a fine director. I loved the first "Lord of the Rings," tolerated the second and hear the third one is the best of the lot -- even at three-and-a-half hours. I even hear it's the one to beat at the Oscars because it's going to be judged on the merits of all three.

What I can't believe is that any director is worth $180 million. That's what it's just been reported he made from just the first two installments. And he gets a big piece of the last one. So it's not over. Now could he please buy a pair of shoes? Jackson is notorious for going everywhere without footwear.

Finally, Jack Bauer is back and the world is going to be safe again, I think. The "24" series premiere has me as hooked, as Kiefer Sutherland (search) seems to be on smack. It looks like the best show on television has returned. And it's not one of the new stinkers. Meanwhile, at a charity auction the other night in Manhattan, some paid $20,000 for 24 hours with Kiefer. That'll take a whole season.