Brad and Jen Head to Middle East

Who thinks they can solve the problems of the Middle East? The new Dr. and Mrs. Henry Kissinger are Brad Pitt (search) and Jennifer Aniston (search).

That's right. Apparently the years of bringing Joey and Chandler back together are the perfect resume for uniting a centuries-old warring region. Move over Kofi Annan,Brad and Jen are at the peace table.

They claim they want to talk to the regular people. Hey, they have real-estate problems too. Like a $13.5 million remodeled home in Hollywood they haven't moved into yet. They probably united contractors and workmen of all nations during the "rebuilding" of that house.

And who are they taking along on this peace plane? Bill Clinton? Donald Rumsfeld? Jimmy Carter? Nooooo. Danny DeVito (search). Maybe he'll take that cage he sat in from "Taxi" and yell at everyone over the intercom system.

Reaction from the Middle East is both bemusement and even disbelief. One said they don't even have television, how are they supposed to know the penguin from "Batman?"

This new super team for negotiating is said to be on their way sometime before the end of the year. Good luck, kids. The world is watching. But please, take cameras. This should be better than Sean Penn in Baghdad and Jessica Simpson on "Newlyweds" combined.