Topics and Guests, Oct. 24

Today on Special Report...

Major Garrett reports: The Senate Intelligence Committee (search) investigates the quality of research that was behind President Bush’s decision to go to war with Iraq.

Steve Harrigan reports: Two U.S. soldiers were killed and four were wounded in a mortar attack on their base north of Baghdad, and another American died in a shootout in the northern city of Mosul.
Molly Henneberg reports: We go back to the school in Baghdad -- that we visited a few months ago -- and see how things are progressing.

James Rosen reports: Secretary of State Colin Powell (search) has been in Madrid petitioning international support for  reconstruction in Iraq. Did he find what he was looking for?

Carl Cameron reports: Get a preview of this Sunday’s Democratic presidential debate sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Institute (search) and FOX News.

Orlando Salinas reports: Touch screens are supposed to be the new age for voting machines, but will they do the job?

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