Topics and Guests for Monday, Oct. 27

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Stories for Monday, 
Oct. 27:

Officials warn that the devastating wildfires whipping through the southern California could get worse
• John Hammerstrand, forced to evacuate home
• John Foy of the Ventura County Fire Department

Kirk Jones beat the odds by going over Niagara Falls with nothing more than the shirt on his back and living to talk about it
• Kirk Jones, Niagara Falls survivor

Since 1996, Alan Colmes has been the face of the left here on FOX News Channel, balancing out the hard-to-tame Sean Hannity on Hannity & Colmes
• Alan Colmes, author of Red, White & Liberal: How Left is Right and Right is Wrong

John McCain says he sees in President Bush's handling of Iraq similarities to Vietnam
• Retired Marine Lt. Col. Bill Cowan
• Bill Sammon, senior White House correspondent for The Washington Times

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