I've Heard You

Dear Viewers,

I have received the "word" from the viewers --so I will be headed to Modesto [California] on Tuesday and will be in court.  It makes sense... I have handled preliminary hearings so I am in a good position to report to you what is going on in the Peterson preliminary hearing.  I can figure out the strategy of both the prosecution and the defense for you viewers, having sat in the well of the court myself for so many years.  In other words, FOX News Channel will give you what the other networks can't--an anchor with first hand experience.

I confess that when I do go to preliminary hearings or trials I do miss trying cases.  I have not tried a case in 10 years.  At least I went out on top--in my last trial I won a multi-million dollar verdict  for a client.  I had a very happy client after the verdict.  It may surprise you to know that I also tried civil cases such as this last one. 

I often get asked if I would go back to the courtroom.  I am not sure.  While I miss it, and would love to try a case, I would only do it if I were sure I am not rusty.  At some point my "shelf life" on TV will end and I will need to make the decision to go back to trying cases, teaching in a law school...or something else.  Frankly, there are a lot of things I would like to do.

While I am in California I am going to keep my eye on the fires ravaging the state.  If the fires are not brought under control soon, I may take a trip to southern California to cover that disturbing story. 

In our business it is a constant juggle to figure out what to cover and where to go.  I am also anxious to find out more about Terri Schiavo (search) in Florida.   I don't know about you, but I have many unanswered questions about Terri. 


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