Friday, Oct. 24: Fact or Fiction?

Countries around the world continued donating billions of dollars Friday toward efforts to rebuild Iraq and put it on the road to democracy.

World leaders have so far promised about $39 billion toward the reconstruction of Iraq (search). But which countries are keeping their checkbooks closed? We’ll ask former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, FOX News contributor.

As the trial of sniper suspect John Muhammad (search) resumes, authorities in West Virginia are worried they may have a copycat on their hands. Three people have been killed and the shooter hasn't been caught.

Plus, if you have any information related to these shootings, please call the Kanawha County Sheriff's Department at (304) 357-0169, or the task force working on the case: (866) 989-2824.

Did Ronald Reagan (search) stand by while Nancy abused his daughter? Or is CBS’ controversial new mini-series on the former president an example of liberal bias? DaySide looks for the truth with Steven Hayward, author of The Reagan Years.

And, there are more problems at Mepham High School, as allegations of sexual assault by members of the school football team are met with threats to anyone speaking out about it. We’ll have the latest.

Mepham High School Hazing Case:

If you would like to contact the parents seeking policy changes in Mepham High School, please e-mail them at:

Mepham Parents 4 Change

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