Foxlight: Liza, P. Diddy, David Blaine

Round three for Liza Minnelli (search), Saint P. Diddy (searchand a disappearing David Blaine top your entertainment headlines.

Life isn't a cabaret for Liza Minnelli and David Gest -- it's fight club. The latest blow may be to Minnelli. Remember that failed VH1 reality show? Unwelcome "Gest" would best describe it. But according to Monday's New York Post, some of the footage may become exhibit "A" in that $10 million lawsuit Gest filed. Some of the footage was allegedly shot around the time of some of the alleged beatings. Look out Osbournes, now we have to get this show on the air.

Other compelling reading in the Post these days is the "running" diary of huff and Puff Daddy as he gets ready to compete in next week's New York City Marathon. He's running for charity, but he's not giving away anything at home, according to this compelling passage -- "keeping my girlfriend's hands off me when I'm supposed to be abstaining from sex has been the hardest thing this week." The real question -- how do you run with all that jewelry? And will he be packin'?

Finally, remember a week ago when David Blaine (search) came down from that goofy plastic box -- said he'd lost 56 pounds even though he looked the same and then tearfully told us his hospital stay could last a month and that it was the most dangerous part of his stunt? Well, he's punk'd at least his London hospital. He left without checking out Friday. On his pillow -- a thank-you note. Yes, he disappeared.

Wondering if the real illusion is how much attention we give this guy.