Yankee Fans Devastated After Series Loss

Not even the magic of Yankee Stadium was powerful enough to keep the Florida Marlins (searchfrom upsetting New York 2-0 to win baseball's World Series.

Fans screamed "Let's go, Yankees!" at the top of their lungs through eight innings. In the ninth, the chant hit a fever pitch -- until the final out was made. Then, there was stunned silence.

"It's like finding out someone's sleeping with your wife," said Bill Valentine, 34, of Bergen County, N.J.

The astonishment wasn't just at the Bronx Bombers (searchbeing beaten. It was where they were defeated. The Yankees hadn't lost a World Series at home since 1981, when they were defeated by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

"Magic doesn't work against a great pitcher when he's on," former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani (searchsaid of Marlins pitcher Josh Beckett, who threw a nine-inning shutout.

A smattering of Marlin fans erupted in cheer, much to the dismay of Yankee supporter Chris Gleason.

"These Marlins don't deserve a championship," said Gleason, 34, who came from California for the game. "They've been in existence like five minutes and have 20 fans. It's a sad day for sports."

Of course, Marlins fan Kelly Zawaski begged to differ with Gleason:

"Oh my God, it's awesome."