Dean Hangs Onto Lead in New Hampshire Poll

Democrat Howard Dean (search) holds a 13-point lead over John Kerry (searchin New Hampshire, according to poll released Sunday, the latest to show the former Vermont governor ahead in a state that has a presidential primary Jan. 27.

After weeks of attacks by rivals and the entrance of retired Gen. Wesley Clark (search) into the race, Dean is maintaining a double-digit lead in most of the surveys.

Dean drew support from 37 percent of those surveyed for the Boston Globe/WBZ, while Kerry, a Massachusetts senator, had the backing of 24 percent. Dean had a 12-point lead over Kerry in the same poll a month ago.

Sen. John Edwards (search) of North Carolina was backed by 9 percent, Clark 8 percent and Rep. Dick Gephardt (searchof Missouri 7 percent. Sen. Joe Lieberman (searchof Connecticut had the backing of 5 percent, Dennis Kucinich (search) was at 3 percent, and Carol Moseley Braun (search) and (searchAl Sharpton had less than 1 percent. The poll found that 7 percent were undecided or refused to answer.

When asked which candidate would be the strongest against President Bush, more than a third, 35 percent, said Dean -- while 20 percent said Kerry.

The poll, by KRC/Communications Research (search), was conducted Oct. 20 to Oct. 22 of 400 Democratic and independent voters who could cast ballots in the New Hampshire primary. It had a sampling margin of error of plus or minus 5 percentage points.