Guests and Topics: October 23

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• All eyes are on Iowa as the Democratic hopefuls hit the campaign trail in the initial caucus state. But who is missing? Can presidential contenders Joe Lieberman (search) and Wesley Clark (search) make it to the top of the stairs if they skip the first step?

And do any of the candidates really have a chance of making it to the Oval Office in 2004?

Democratic strategist Maryanne Marsh and GOP strategist Alex Castellanos join the debate.                

• One month has passed since a Democratic filibuster forced the withdrawal of Miguel Estrada’s nomination to the D.C. Court of Appeals -- President Bush has chosen conservative California Supreme Court Justice Janice Brown (search) to take his place. Will Brown face the same lengthy and often trying confirmation process?

Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, will join us.

• Should public housing tenants be forced to perform community service?

Author Ann Coulter and Betsy McCaughey, former N.Y. lieutenant governor, will deliberate.

• And we continue to cover the case of Terry Schiavo (search), the brain-damaged Florida woman who’s feeding tube has been reinserted at the order of Gov. Jeb Bush.

Ken Padowitz, former Florida prosecutor, and Ken Sukhia, former U.S. attorney, will discuss the situation.

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