Topics and Guests for Wednesday, Oct. 22

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Stories for Wednesday, 
Oct. 22:

Do graphic films and video games incite minors to violence?
• Jack Thompson, attorney

President Bush spends his tour through Asia trying to convince skeptics that the war on terror is a righteous one
• Jim Angle, FNC correspondent

Folks on Capitol Hill are looking forward to the holiday recess, but that doesn't give them much time to pass any new legislation before the next election
• Mark Preston, senior staff writer for Roll Call

How does Wal-Mart affect the way we shop?
• Carl Steidtmann, chief economist for Deloitte Research

Why are some lawmakers convinced its better to give Iraq a grant instead of a loan?
• Rep. Tom Delay, R-Texas 

Brain-damaged Terry Schiavo gets a last-minute reprieve. Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has ordered doctors to resume feeding the woman after state lawmakers gave him the power to intervene
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

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