The Foxlight: Sharon Osbourne, Carrot Top

Sharon Osbourne's breasts and Carrot Top red-faced in today's Foxlight.

From the "I Didn't Even Knew I Wanted This" department, Sharon Osbourne (search) is tossing her breasts into the fight against breast cancer. Hand-painted molds of her breasts are being auctioned online to benefit the Boarding for Breast Cancer Foundation (search) -- a nonprofit group co-founded by a professional snowboarder. Osbourne was treated for colon cancer, which is now in remission.

Is the New York Post outing Carrot Top (search)? They claim he turned heads at a popular gay bar. Their Page Six spy says the flame-haired prop comic, best known for his 1-800-CALL-ATT commercials, showed up at 1 a.m. "wearing eyeliner ... He also had on a muscle shirt to show off his incredibly ripped arms." Mr. Top's rep insisted that the freckle-faced funnyman is definitely not gay. And if he calls The Foxlight collect to tell us, we'll save a buck or two.