Guests and Topics: October 21

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• The Florida House (search) voted Monday to give Gov. Jeb Bush (search) the power to issue a "stay" in the case of Terri Schiavo (search), a brain-damaged woman whose feeding tube was removed last week by her husband’s order. The Senate plans to take up the legislation this evening.

Will the legislation make it to the governor’s desk in time?  Florida Speaker of the House Johnnie Byrd joins us.     

• It's hot and it hit bookshelves today — Alan's new book — Red, White and Liberal: How the Left is Right and the Right is Wrong.

Tonight Mr. Alan Colmes enters the debate as a guest to discuss his book…will Sean go easy on him?

Hey FOX Fans: Win one of ten signed copies hot off the presses. Winners will also receive the audio book on their choice of CD or cassette. Read a chapter excerpt and enter the contest on FOX Fan Central.        

• Is the CBS television series about Ronald Reagan (search), scheduled to air next month, just a piece of leftist propaganda? Why did the former president's son say, "I fully expect this mini-series will be largely unfavorable to my dad. Hollywood has been hijacked by the liberal left?"

Radio talk show host Michael Reagan will explain his theory.

• And it’s Bill Bennett will be here.

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