Why the Delay?

About the latest developments in the Mepham High School hazing case:

Tuesday, after the show, a man in the audience raised his hand and told how he had been hazed in high school many decades ago. Teammates poured lighter fluid on his hands and set them on fire. Then, he said, some "other" things were done to him and others that he didn't want to discuss -- but clearly the implication was that it was pretty awful.

I asked him, "What do you think of what the three Mepham football players allegedly did to younger teammates?"

Without missing a beat, he shot back, "It's wrong."

Another member of the audience piped up. "This wasn't hazing," he said, "It was criminal assault."

Please answer this for me: Why in the world have two of the alleged assailants been allowed to stall on turning themselves in to police?  These young men have parents.  Why are their parents not marching them in to the police station?

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