Topics and Guests for Oct. 20

Sixteen years ago to the day, the Dow lost 22.6 percent of its value. We’ll examine the economic and political similarities between then and now and ask the big question: Could a crash happen again?

For answers we’ll turn to Hilary Kramer, president of A&G Capital; Sarat Sethi, principal with Douglas C. Lane and Associates; John Bogle, founder of the Vanguard Group, and Ted Weisberg, president of Seaport Securities.

Both Gen. Wesley Clark and Sen. Joe Lieberman decide that their polls don't look good in Iowa and decide to skip the caucuses. Smart move? We’ll ask political adviser Dick Morris and former Commerce Secretary Robert Mosbacher.

Fed up with sky-high prescription drug (search) prices in the United States? How about getting them from Canada? Smart move? We'll ask Michael Weissman, president of Discount Rx Mart of Canada.

Despite crackdowns by the IRS, the tax cheaters are still cheating. Is there any way to plug the leaks? We’ll be joined by Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.

The president wants us to stay out of Cuba. So why are some American businesses saying, “Stay out of our business?” We’ll ask Brad Belt, director of the Association of Travel Related Industry Professionals, and Ronen Paldi, president of Yalla Tours, if Cuba is simply to good an opportunity to pass up.

Had it up to here with corporate boards stacked by the CEO's buddies? Find out what Kay Koplovitz, founder of USA Networks, wants to do about it.

Plus, as the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit opens in Thailand, we’ll examine whether boosting trade will help boost the U.S. economy.

We'll have those stories and more on tonight's edition of Your World with Cavuto.

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