Ronald Reagan Being Bashed by Hollywood

Ronald Reagan (search), who can no longer speak in his own defense, is being trashed by Hollywood in a new CBS made-for-TV movie.

You've heard all the talk lately that there simply must be a liberal talk radio or TV network to counter the obvious power and unfair influence of the vast right-wing conspiracy...

Well, it's true. The libs do feel left out, and they do want to start evening out what they see as an uneven media field.

There are 4,000 conservative talk radio stations in America versus the lone National Public Radio (search).

So one of the ways the libs are trying to bring the right down is to tear down conservative statuary, and one of the biggest statues of all is Reagan.

So here we have Barbra Streisand (search), Les Moonves (search) — who is head of CBS Television — and a few odds-and-ends, self-identified liberal screenwriters and directors and producers taking a whack at what?
Joe McCarthy (search)? Nawww... too easy.

William F. Buckley (search)? Nawww... sorry, Bill, too boring.

No... let's go after the Gipper. Make him seem dotty... insensitive... stupid... controlled by his wife, which makes him unmanly.

Make him seem what they always thought he was — an actor reading presidential lines dreamed up by someone else.

This Reagan bash deserves what most CBS TV movies get... low ratings.

That's My Word.

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