Monday, Oct. 20: Sniper Suspect

President Bush is on the road, attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (search) summit where the main focus is North Korea.

As the North test-fires another missile, we’ll ask Philip Young, former senior policy adviser to the Clinton administration on North Korea, how much we have to fear from this rogue nation.

While congressional lawmakers are expected to OK $87 billion in aid for Iraq, another U.S. soldier dies in Fallujah. Is this how Iraqis thank us? We’ll examine the Iraq issue with Reps. Mike Pence, R-Ind., and Steve Israel, D-N.Y.

Safe in the sky? A college student who the FBI says hid box cutters on board two Southwest airplanes will face federal charges Monday. The stunt prompted the president to order a search of all commercial airlines. So what should he be charges with? We’ll ask David Forbes, president of Boyd Forbes Aviation, and Evan Kohlmann, senior terrorism analyst with The Investigative Project.

We’ll get the latest on the Kobe Bryant case from Yale Galanter, criminal defense attorney, and Doug Burns, former federal prosecutor.

Plus, a stunning development in the case that gripped America with fear just one year ago. A Virginia judge rules that sniper suspect John Allen Muhammad (search) can represent himself in the first trial tied to the multiple murder spree. What does this mean for the case against Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo?

And, will the governor-elect of California take time out of his busy schedule to drop by the studio?

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