Al Qaeda Tape of Purported Riyadh Bombers Posted on Web

Suspected homicide bombers vowed never to let Americans live safely in a new video posted on the Internet that is similar in style to others released by Al Qaeda (search).

Two of the speakers on the tape, which criticizes the governments of both the United States and Saudi Arabia, are said to be homicide bombers involved in the attack on Western housing compounds in Riyadh (search) in May.

Saudi officials had earlier blamed the May 12 attacks on Al Qaeda, the terror network accused in the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States. Nine homicide bombers struck Western housing compounds in the Saudi capital as part of the attack, killing 26 people.

While the speakers do not say that Al Qaeda planned the attack, one dedicates the deadly incident to Usama bin Laden (search) and pledges more attacks on U.S. targets.

"For the American soldiers, we say you have to know that your government has become: A big evil killing innocent people, destroying homes, stealing our money and holding our sons in jail,” one speaker, Hazem bin Mohammed Saeed Abdullah Kashmiri, said on the tape, which was provided to by the Washington-based Middle East Media Research Institute.

“We promise that we will not let you live safely and you will not see from us anything else just bombs, fire, destroying homes, cutting your heads. Our mujahideen is coming to you very soon to let you see what you didn’t see before."

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The recordings, reported in the pan-Arab newspapers Asharq Al-Awsat and Al-Hayat on Sunday, appear to have been first posted on an Islamic online forum on Saturday.

President Bush, on tour in Asia, responded to the taped threats saying that they should prove to the world how important the war on terrorism still is. “Free nations need to work together more than ever to share intelligence, cut off money, and bring these potential killers, or killers to justice,” Bush said.

The U.S. State Department reiterated “our abhorrence at such calls for violence that serve no purpose other than to frustrate the will of the great majority of people for a more peaceful and prosperous life and that have nothing to do with religion or politics and have everything to do with hate,” deputy spokesman Adam Ereli told Fox News.

Also on Saturday, the Arab television station Al-Jazeera broadcast a new audiotape in which a voice that the CIA confirmed is likely that of bin Laden, warned Americans to leave Iraq, and vowed homicide attacks "inside and outside" the United States and threatened nations helping the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

One portion of the videotape included speakers on what sounded like a mobile phone chanting "God is great" and praying to God to accept their martyrdom. Later, gunshots are heard as well as cries of: "Get the infidels out of the Arab peninsula!"

The video showed only a black screen with pale red text identifying the sounds as a recording of the start of the May 12 attack.

In other sections of the recordings, four men are shown, appearing composed and dressed in traditional Saudi white robes. One, identified in a caption as Mohammed bin Shadhaf al-Shihri, says: "What we are doing today is but an answer to God's call and his prophet, who say, `Get the infidels out of the Arab peninsula."'

Saudi officials have linked a man with a similar name, Mohammed Othman Abdullah al-Walidi al-Shihri, to the May 12 attack.

In addition to Kashmiri two others on the recordings were identified as, Mohammed bin Abdel Wahab al-Maqeet and Ashraf bin Ibrahim Al-Sayed. It was not clear whether Saudi authorities had linked any of those three to the May 12 attacks.

Fox News’ Bret Baier and Teri Schultz and The Associated Press contributed to this report.