Tony the Tiger?

You may have heard the news that British Prime Minister Tony Blair (search) had a health scare over the weekend. It seems he had a heart problem, an arrhythmia, or racing heart.

Everybody seemed to think it was all the pressure he's been under and he took the day off. The docs gave him an electric shock and got his heart beating normally again. And Tony will be in fine shape.

But, here's what I think: Tony was faking it.

Why would he do that? Well, because politics is a blood sport in Britain. The press chases people until they die -- literally. Look at the case of David Kelly, the weapons inspector who got caught in the middle of a story which outed the BBC as institutional liars.

The BBC and the rest of the British media wants to know it has actually wounded, if not killed, it's quarry. Blair knows that. He knows he has to give them their pound of flesh. So he fakes a heart problem, the Brit press is rewarded for their stalwart efforts to not only bring the prime minister down -- but actually kill him, or close to it – and everybody feels better.

The British press, angry at Blair for siding with the hated Americans, can now say, well, we showed him. We showed him how powerful we are. We can stop his ticker if we want. He's wounded, he's faltering, will he run again? Does he dare with his mortal heart condition?

They're a bunch of fools actually. Blair had one day where he cried out for vapors and they're off his back.

Pity the poor sot they go after next.

That's My Word.

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