The Bush administration said Saturday it was analyzing a new threatening tape attributed to Usama bin Laden (search), the latest reminder that the FBI's most-wanted terrorist remains at large.

The White House press secretary said the tape is a reminder that terrorists seek only to spread chaos without regard for human life.

The Arab Al-Jazeera (search) television channel said it received the tape Saturday from a trusted source, who called and offered it. The voice purported to be bin Laden's warned of homicide attacks inside the United States and beyond and said countries that help the U.S. occupation of Iraq are particularly vulnerable.

Mark Mansfield, spokesman for the CIA (search), said agency analysts already were at work on the tape. "We're doing a technical analysis of the tape to try to determine whether or not it's authentic."

In similar previous situations, such analyses have required two days or more.

In Bangkok, Thailand, where President Bush had just arrived for a state visit and a regional summit meeting, White House press secretary Scott McClellan (search) noted that the tape was being analyzed for authenticity.

"It is a reminder that the global war on terror continues," McClellan said. "Terrorists are enemies of the civilized world who seek to spread fear and chaos and they have no regard for innocent life. That is why we are taking the fight to the killers and bringing them to justice."