Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia and the War on Terror

If it weren't so pathetic and sad, the scrambling by the Saudi royal family to convince Americans that they are cooperating in the war on terror would be comical.

What is laughable about this is the simple fact that Al Qaeda (search) religious philosophy, which is used to justify attacks on America and the Saudi royal family, is precisely the same religious philosophy as Wahhabism (search), which is the official religion of Saudi Arabia.

When you hear people say Islam is a religion of peace, they are not talking about the Wahhabis. The Wahhabis are so dangerous, Islamic governments have for centuries tried to eradicate them by the sword.

The reason the Wahhabis have become so powerful over the last 25 years is that they have gotten U.S. oil dollars, enough to spread their Jihadist philosophy around the globe to unsuspecting Muslims everywhere.

Wahhabis are Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia (search) is Wahhabism. There isn't a speck of difference between them.

The Saudis are fighting the now runaway Wahhabi philosophy that makes them — the Saudi royal family — as important a target as the U.S...

But they don't dare come down too hard on the Wahhabis because it is Wahhabism, which gives the royal family the legitimacy to rule Saudi Arabia.

The Al Qaedas are coming home to throw out the royal family, to cut off oil to the West and to regroup and target America again.

we have to face facts. The Saudi royal family isn't going to be much help hiding in their mansions in London. The only question is... can we get Iraq's oilfields up and running before Al Qaeda cuts us off from Saudi oil.

What a mess, huh?

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