Not Easy Being Green

Dear Viewers,

Friday we scrambled to get to the State Department to interview the No. 2 man Secretary Richard Armitage (search) -- scroll down for my exclusive behind the scenes photo shoot!

We had to tape the interview mid-afternoon -- rather than do a live interview -- because, as you can imagine, he is an extremely busy man. The State Department is not a 9-5 place but a 24-hour place because they have to address problems in time zones around the world. Adding to the work of Mr. Armitage is the simple fact that his boss -- Secretary of State Colin Powell -- is "on the road" in Asia with the president. Someone needs to "hold down the fort" in his absence and of course who better to do it than the No. 2 man.

We had a slight glitch. For some reason, one of the video cameras made the person in the scene "green." We tried to find a quick replacement, or fix it, but we had no luck. I told the crew to give me that camera -- so, if you see the interview, I am the one who looks green rather than skin tone. I have not seen what it looks like, but I hope it does not look like the No. 2 man at the State Department granted a Martian an interview. We are going to try and "fix" it in the edit room before you see it, but, I am content to be green.

I thought it might be fun for you to see some still photos from the "behind the scenes" of the interview. I took them so, of course, don't expect the best quality. The interview was done in a very elegant area of the State Department. To get to the room where we did the interview, we walked through the very area where treaties are signed.

Here's the photo essay: Behind the Scenes at the State Department


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