The Foxlight: Weekend Movies

"Texas Chainsaw Massacre" remake might not cut it, Gene Hackman and Dustin Hoffman may "run away" with second place and "Mystic River" moves slowly in today's Foxlight.

Leatherface is back. And we're not talking Joan Rivers. It's yet another rip roarin' remake of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." (search

This time, Jessica Biel leads the gang of saw bait through a creepy old house in Texas. Some critics admire the genuine scares in this version. Others like The New York Times say it's like sitting through an autopsy. The New York Post is more blunt -- says it "doesn't cut it."

Still, it should slash the other blood donor -- "Kill Bill" -- off the top spot, according to Look for this thing to massacre about 19 million George Washingtons this weekend No. 1.

Gene Hackman and Dustin Hoffman appear for the first time in a film together on both sides of the legal battle in "Runaway Jury." (search) Much is being made of the fact that these guys were roommates 100 years ago, so this on-screen pairing is long overdue. Most critics, however, are disagreeing.

ABC's Joel Siegel says he wanted to run away 20 minutes into this thing. And while I agree NASA probably doesn't have the equipment these guys use for jury tampering, I still thought this was a great ride. Box Office Mojo says second place with around $16 million.

Finally, widening out to more theaters this weekend, the wildly overpraised Clint Eastwood "thriller" "Mystic River." (search) Sean Penn, Kevin Bacon and Tim Robbins are three childhood buddies with a ghost or two in their closets. Now with Penn's daughter murdered, the finger-pointing gets ugly.

Eastwood directs his moodiest piece since the far superior "Unforgiven," but this river moves at the pace of a 73-year-old man. Wise but also creaky. Everyone is saying Oscar for Clint and Penn. But Penn is much better in a smaller movie coming in a few weeks called "21 Grams."