Bryant's Lawyers Hold Up Return of Medical Records

Kobe Bryant's attorneys asked a judge Friday for more time to respond to a request from a Glenwood Springs hospital to destroy some medical records of the NBA star's accuser that were mistakenly turned over to them.

In a court filing, defense attorney Hal Haddon apparently acknowledged having the records, which Valley View Hospital (search) asked prosecutors and defense attorneys to destroy. Prosecutors already have destroyed the records.

In a response to a subpoena, the hospital gave prosecutors medical records detailing the woman's examination after the alleged attack and, by mistake, records from an earlier visit.

Prosecutors passed all the records on to Bryant's lawyers as part of the normal exchange of evidence. The details of the records have not been made public.

Hospital attorney Michael McConnell said Friday he did not know whether Bryant's attorneys had destroyed the records. He said he did not object to giving them until Oct. 27, an additional week, to respond to the hospital's request.

Mackey's voice mail said she would not return reporters' calls. The judge has issued a gag order prohibiting those involved in the case from commenting.

Eagle County Judge Frederick Gannett (search) earlier threw out subpoenas issued by Bryant's attorneys for the woman's medical records, saying if the case goes to trial, the trial judge should determine whether those records should be turned over.

Haddon said in his filing that he could not meet the initial Oct. 20 deadline to reply to the hospital's request and asked for an additional week to reply. He said McConnell did not object to the request.

Bryant, 25, who is free on $25,000 bond, faces up to life in prison if convicted of the single count of felony sexual assault against him. He has said he and the woman had consensual sex while he stayed at the mountain resort in Edwards where she worked.