Lying Liars Are Spreading Iraq Lies Again

As most of you probably remember, I was a big proponent of going after Saddam Hussein.

It was me and George W. Bush and Dick Cheney (search) and Don Rumsfeld (search)... we were all together on this.

But now the ones we didn't convince are  saying, "See, it was the wrong thing to do, and Gibson and Bush and Cheney and Rummy were all lying."

Richard Cohen (search) writing in The Washington Post said just that, and the rest are working on reducing the number of Americans supporting the war to near zero.

Right now, they've got it down to 58 percent — that's the latest in the FOX News Opinion Dynamics poll. It was once in the 70s.

Cohen says that me and the president and the vice president insisted on asserting the unsupportable — that Saddam was linked to terrorism and had WMD. He says there's no truth to that... none.

Cohen is wrong, and it doesn't matter how often Howard Dean says he's right. They're both wrong.

Did Saddam have a nuke? No. But did anyone doubt he'd buy one from the North Koreans when France got the sanctions lifted, and he had billions in oil cash to throw around?

No link to terrorism? What do you call Iraqi spy Ramzi Yousef (search) who blew up the World Trade Center in '93?

And does anybody seriously think he did not have ties to Al Qaeda through Usama bin Laden's number two man? They'd been meeting for 10 years.

The lying liars are spreading lies again, trying to undermine your support of the right thing to do. Don't let 'em do it.

That's My Word.

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