'Coupling,' Arnold, Dustin Hoffman

"Coupling" off the air for a couple of weeks, Arnold plays a Turkish prince and even Dustin Hoffman doubts himself in today's Foxlight.

Hate to say The Foxlight told you so, but NBC is taking its highly touted comedy "Coupling" (search) off its schedule for two weeks. The move could be an ominous sign about the show's future. On October 30, the first Thursday of the November "sweeps" period, an expanded version of "Will and Grace" will air. However, despite the slight hiatus, an NBC spokeswoman says she doesn't think the network has "given up on the show by any stretch of the imagination." Uh-huh. Is she the one person on the planet who finds this thing funny?

The New York Post says The Governator may be making fun of his "Gropinator" image on the big screen. In the upcoming Jackie Chan comedy "Around the World in 80 Days," (search) Ah-nuld has a hot-tub cameo. He's plays a Turkish prince who begs a Belgian beauty to be his seventh wife. Producers say it's not what we think -- they say the film is a family adventure comedy. But The Foxlight predicts the scene won't make the final cut if there's anything even remotely creepy about it.

Finally, Dustin Hoffman (search) says he's not one of those actors that hates seeing himself on film. In fact on a recent talk show he asked them to rerun some scenes from his career, including that famous one from "The Graduate" shot through Anne Bancroft's leg. But he also has an actor's superstition that every role will be his last -- even at this point in his career.