Kobe Bryant Prosecution Is a Big, Fat Turkey

The prosecution in the case against Kobe Bryant (search) is pushing forward simply because it started it, and it's not going to accept the embarrassment of dropping charges until it's really, really embarrassing.

The detective knew the alleged victim didn't say "no" to Bryant? The accuser said she didn't say "no" until the sex was underway? And when she did say "no," Bryant stopped?

And they still go forward with a prosecution?

This is really starting to look like an all white town getting really ticked off because a black guy came to town, and one of the local girls just couldn't help herself.

Oh, I know... somebody is going to say, "If she even thought the word 'no,' he should have known it."

But then there's the business of her credibility. She says she was shocked to find herself having sex with Bryant, even after some consensual kissing and petting. She went to Bryant's room. She was a flirt on the job, according to one of her coworkers who spoke to FNC's Rita Cosby (search)...

And then it turns out that she still had the leftovers of sex with at least one other man on her clothing and on her body... this as she's letting Bryant cop a few feels on the way to his room?

Come on... this is a loser. Can you imagine what any passably good lawyer can do with this in front of a jury?

This is a rape case that should never have been filed, and it shouldn't go to trial. We'll see if the judge has the guts to say no mas.

That's My Word.

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