Guests and Topics: October 14

Tonight, on Hannity & Colmes!

• Do tigers make good house pets? How about a 400-pound tiger?

We’ll ask Antoine Yates, the Harlem man arrested for housing a 400-pound Siberian-Bengal mix.

What punishment could Yates face if he is convicted of reckless endangerment? His lawyer, Raymond Colon will answer our questions.        

• Who has the right to say when life support should be removed from a patient? The father who is fighting to keep his daughter alive, Robert Schindler, will be back to update us on his trying situation.

• According to, Hillary and Bill Clinton do not want you to read; Legacy: Paying the Price for the Clinton Years . Does the book unveil damaging secrets about Clinton’s years in the Oval Office?

The author, Rich Lowry , will offer the details.

• Also,  Sam Donaldson of ABC News will join the debate tonight.

• And it’s Tuesday, so Bill Bennett will make his weekly appearance.

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