Family Affair

Dear Viewers,

Are you a political junkie? Then you might want to try out this book: Howard Dean, a Citizen's Guide to a Man Who Would Be President.

The book comes out in about two weeks but you can pre-order on It was written by a group of reporters in Vermont who have followed Howard Dean's political career for many years. My guess is that this group of reporters knows him better than any other journalists in the nation.

I have no idea whether you will like Dean (search) more or less after reading this, or whether you will think him more qualified or less qualified to be president of the United States. But, here is what I do know: This book has the world's best, most decent editor in the world. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, it's my older brother. My brother has been a print journalist in Vermont for more than 30 years. All kidding aside, no matter what your politics, you will find this book fascinating – I’ve already read an advance copy.

If you are a Republican, you will want to know about the man who has a good chance to take on President Bush in 2004. If you are a Democrat, you need to know as much about Governor Dean (and each other candidate) as possible before you cast your vote.

And I would really appreciate you doing me a favor and reading this one. Please e-mail me if you read this book and let me know what you think.


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