Topics and Guests: October 13

Tonight...get on the record!

Has Saddam Hussein (search) been in his hometown of Tikrit recently? Is he exerting influence within the resistance movement that has been killing American soldiers? We'll have the latest.

Plus, a dramatic prison escape in Pennsylvania. Where is convicted murderer Hugo Selenski (search)? We'll get the latest from Luzerne County District Attorney Dave Lupas. And, fair and balanced, we'll also speak with Selenski's attorney, Demetrius Fannick.

Also, new details on possible Al Qaeda (search) terrorist attacks planned for the United States. Wait till you hear how the terror group wants to attack us now!  FNC Contributor and Washinton Times National Security Correspondent Bill Gertz will be here to analyze the new information.

Then, did detectives connected to the Laci Peterson (search) murder investigation mishandle the evidence in the case? Could their mistakes wind up helping the accused murderer, Laci's husband Scott Peterson?

Reporter Ted Rowlands from FOX affiliate KTVU in Oakland, California will give us a full report.

And, we'll also ask our legal panel to weigh in on the situation.

Tonight's distinguished attorneys include:

Geoffrey Feiger, criminal defense attorney

Jayne Weintraub, criminal defense attorney

Bernie Grimm, criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor

Ted Williams, criminal defense attorney and former Washington, D.C. homicide detective.

All these stories and much, much more!

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