Guests and Topics: October 13

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• New reports say Saddam Hussein (search) was recently in his hometown of Tikrit (search). Could he be behind the insurgent attacks that have been killing American soldiers at a rate of nearly one every two days?

We’ll ask the host of FNC War Stories, Oliver North.

• The bombshell testimony in the Kobe Bryant (search) case has been all over the media. Do the shocking new details have a stronger impact on the prosecution or the defense?

Sports attorney Robert Becker weighs in.

• And radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh (search) announced to stunned listeners on his radio show that he would be checking into a drug rehab center to get over a drug addiction to pain killers. How addictive are these types of drugs and how tough is the rehabilitation and recovery process?

Jim Vollendroff, of Chemical Dependency Coor, will join the discussion.

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