Topics and Guests for Oct. 10

When it comes to the war on terror, is the Bush administration is failing our troops and our taxpayers?

We’ll ask Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., why she is planning to vote no on the president’s $87 billion request.

Plus, from conducting covert operations, to uncovering terror plots, get a firsthand account of day-to-day military operations in Iraq from Major Martha Granger, 1st Armored Division's chief of operations; Staff Sergeant Scott Potter, and Master Sergeant Brian Quarm.

What was once a very hot kitchen for Martha Stewart (search) is cooling off. Did the domestic diva just  dodge the biggest bullet in her life? We’ll ask Lis Wiehl, former federal prosecutor; Jacob Zamansky of Zamansky and Associates, and Dr. Andrew Bernstein, Pace University professor.

Whether they are true or not, now that the allegations against Kobe Bryant are out in public, will Kobe have to kiss goodbye to all of his rich endorsement deals? We’ll ask Rob Becker, legal analyst for FOX Sports Net.

Plus, fired for being fat? At 300 pounds, Elliot Spiegel claims he lost his gig as a karate instructor for being too big. Now he's suing. Fair? You’ll hear both sides.

And, we’ll take the market’s temperature with Tobin Smith, chairman of Changewave Research, and Gary Kaltbaum, president of Kaltbaum and Associates.

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