Guests and Topics: October 10

Tonight... The O'Reilly Factor is on!

An astonishing admission from Rush Limbaugh (search) today... The popular radio talk show host and commentator says he's addicted to prescription pain medication.

He promised listeners on his radio show that he would once again enter a rehab program for the next 30 days, immediately following Friday's broadcast, "to once and for all break the hold this highly addictive medication has on me."

We'll let you hear what he said and bring you analysis of the situation.

Plus, stopping gang violence and keeping kids off the streets is what this football legend is tackling now. Jim Brown (search) will be in the No Spin Zone to tell O'Reilly about how he’s giving back.

Then at yesterday's preliminary hearing in Eagle, Colorado (search), did Kobe Bryant's (search) attorneys try their best to smear the alleged victim? Will that work or could that it backfire just like it did in the California recall?

Also, why is the NAACP (search) supporting a woman who left her 2-year-old alone for nearly a month and has even been charged by law enforcement?! 

And, why did a women wind up getting killed in a "toughman" competition in Florida?

Finally, don't forget our world-famous Talking Points Memo and The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day!

See you tonight in the No Spin Zone at at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET!

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