Bennifer, PETA and Ozzy Wannabes

The latest on Jen and Ben, PETA takes on tigers and Ozzy wannabes fight for role in today's Foxlight.

Bennifer update: They were back together. It happened over the weekend at Fenway Park (search). She's from the Bronx, he's from Beantown. Here come the tabloid headlines.

So now PETA (search) has decided it's time for Las Vegas to stop using tigers on stage? They're using the "Siegfried & Roy" incident to protest. If these PETA people have a point, why do they always look like they're auditioning for a new edition of "The Gong Show?" when they protest?

Meanwhile, guess who's on PETA's side? Brain trust Pamela Anderson. She's a PETA spokeswoman and is urging Siegfried  and Roy to stop the shows and build the tigers a sanctuary.

Finally, does everyone want to play Ozzy Osbourne (search)? Last week we told you that Johnny Depp wanted to spew the right obscenities. Now comes word that Colin Farrell wants the role. Guess who thinks Farrell is too good-looking and now wants the part? "School of Rock" star Jack Black. Uh, Jack, two words. Weight Watchers.