Behind the Scenes

Dear Viewers,

There was some "juggling" behind the scenes on Friday night's On the Record show. My former law partner--now a judge--brought his 10-year-old son to watch our show from behind the camera.

About an hour before the show, it occurred to me that two segments on Kobe Bryant (search) did not seem appropriate for a kid.  So when Luke arrived to watch the show at about 9:45 p.m., we brought him onto the set and gave him headphones so he could hear the director in New York.  The camera crew also showed him how the cameras worked. After the show started and when we got to the two segments on Kobe, my assistant stepped onto the set to give Luke a "private tour" of our Washington news bureau.

I like that young people are interested in the show but I think censoring is appropriate for many topics.

Luke came back after his tour--which coincidentally took two segments--and enjoyed the show. After the show, I put him on the set and took photos of him in my chair.

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