Hair-Raising Guest

Dear Viewers,

Thursday night was a wild night -- to put it mildly -- with boxing promoter Don King (search) as a guest. He sure is not dull. He stayed after the show and posed for pictures with many of the staff.

When I got off the set, I discovered him surrounded by a group of people plus a woman who I did not know with a video camera. She was videotaping everything Don was doing in our makeup room and in the newsroom. I asked why she was videotaping Don posing for pictures with people and Don told me he tapes his entire life. Apparently for years he has had this woman follow him with a video camera and he wants a complete record of his life. He has literally thousands of tapes of himself going back many years. I sort of felt like I walked into a reality TV series staring Don King in which I had a walk on part.

Again, all I can say is "never dull."

Friday night we have Sen. John Kerry (search), one of the Democratic candidates for president. At the outset of the interview, I will tell the viewers that my husband John Coale has raised money for his candidacy. My view is to tell the viewers so that they can make a decision whether I "pull my punches" in the interview, or not.

It is difficult to interview people who might have some relationship to my husband, my friends, my colleagues, my network, or even to me. I want to be fair. In the Kerry interview, my goal is to ask a couple hard questions and then find out if there is anything in his background -- a personal question -- that he would carry forward to the White House if elected.

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