Topics and Guests: October 8

Tonight...get on the record!

Attorneys in the Kobe Bryant (search) case huddled with the judge in Colorado this week but didn't answer the biggest question: Will the basketball star waive his preliminary hearing tomorrow to keep potentially damaging evidence from being heard publicly?

Greta brings you an in-depth look at the Bryant case on tonight’s edition of On the Record.

We'll talk with the members of our legal panel and forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden about what to expect tomorrow from the proceedings in Eagle, Colorado.

Our legal eagles tonight include:

Geoffrey Feiger, criminal defense attorney

Jayne Weintraub, criminal defense attorney

Bernie Grimm, criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor

Ted Williams, criminal defense attorney and former Washington, D.C. homicide detective.

Also, should Bryant play basketball for the L.A. Lakers (search) this season or not? We'll ask Los Angeles Times sportswriter Steve Henson and other sports reporters to weigh in on that question.

Plus, Newsweek Sr. Editor Marcus Mabry will join us to talk about this week's cover story on Kobe. What was Bryant like off court? What didn't the public know about the basketball superstar? You might be very surprised by the answers.

All these stories and much, much more!

Don't miss On the Record tonight at 10 p.m. ET!

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