Topics and Guests for Thursday, Oct. 9

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Thursday, Oct. 9:

Kobe Bryant's legal team surprises a lot of people by going forward with a preliminary hearing
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

Philadelphia Mayor John Street wants to know why his office was bugged. He thinks the upcoming election might have something to do with it
William Bunch, Philadelphia Daily News political reporter

How can Arnold Schwarzenegger's win in California change the balance of power in national politics?
• Florida Gov. Jeb Bush

A new PBS documentary airing tonight called Truth, War and Consequences takes a look at conflicts between the State Department and the Pentagon over Iraq, and asks the question — Did the war effort get bogged down by internal bickering?
Martin Smith, Frontline producer and correspondent

Saddam Hussein's sons have been dead for a few months now, taken out by the 101st Airborne. A group of Iraqis almost did the job on Uday Hussein a few years ago, and they're telling their tale for the first time
Peter Ford, Christian Science Monitor reporter

Bronze Star recipient and survivor of an Iraqi ambush
• Army Sgt. Timothy Hicks

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