Kevin Bacon; Britney and Madonna; Darryl Hannah

Kevin Bacon's six degrees of frustration, Britney and Madonna together again and Darryl Hannah skinny dips in today's Foxlight.

Kevin Bacon (search) says he doesn't regret "Footloose" except when people on the street ask him to dance. He says he has made a few other films and wonders if they've been to the movies in the past 20 years. And get this -- a little more sour bacon. He also hates that "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" game. Kevin, any publicity is good publicity. Even if you're just six degrees from Britney Spears (search).

Speaking of the Britster, the video for Spears' coming single "Me Against the Music," directed by Guy Ritchie, will also feature the missus. That's right, Madonna (search), according to The New York Post. Besides collaborating on the track, Mrs. Ritchie does a typically understated role. A dominatrix. In leather. A nightclub boss who lures innocent scantily clad Britney into a private room filled with semi-naked females on leashes. Columnist Cindy Adams says this is perfect for the author of a kiddie book, right? She adds it should be a big seller come Mother's Day.

Finally, Darryl Hannah (search) is said to be swimmingly mad over the splash she's making in Playboy. And she's considering a lawsuit. Turns out when they coaxed her out of mermaid tail they used photographs that displeased Hannah. Playboy says they haven't heard a peep out of Hannah. Question -- how much do you think this will help boost newsstand sales? Darryl, you're only encouraging more folks like The Foxlight to go out and grab a copy.