Friend or Foe?

And now the most scintillating two minutes in television, the latest from the political grapevine:

New Spin on Worker’s Comp and Disability

The mother of a factory worker in Missouri has filed for worker's compensation, saying her son was shot to death while on the clock at Modine Manufacturing in Jefferson City. Jonathon Russell was in fact killed on the clock...but he's the one who did it, and only after he killed three of his co-workers.

Russell's mother…who relied heavily on her son's income…insists she shouldn't be unfairly punished for her son's actions. Modine, however, is refusing to pay, saying Russell was not on company property when he shot himself.

Meanwhile, a man who was fired from Hughes Missiles Systems in Tuscon, Arizona, 12 years ago for showing up for work reeking of alcohol and with cocaine in his blood has gone to the Supreme Court (search) to get his job back, citing the Americans with Disabilities Act (search).

Joel Hernandez says his disability was alcoholism, and that Hughes discriminated against him when it refused to rehire him. But Raytheon, the company that now owns Hughes, says it was just adhering to company policy that prohibits rehiring anyone fired for breaking the company's anti-drug rules.

Beer Barons Forget Gun

Two Florida men, armed with a BB gun, got away with three six packs of beer from a gas station in Stuart, Florida earlier today. But Winston Lamar and Drew Nash ran into some problems.

Lamar left the gun and his ID at the gas station. So what did he do? He called the station and asked the clerk if he could stop by to pick them up. When the two arrived to gather their belongings, Martin County Sheriff's deputies were waiting, and Lamar and Nash were soon behind bars in Martin County Jail.

Friend or Foe?

Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Dick Gephardt (search)…vying for the key primary state of Iowa…is blasting corporate agriculture in that state, promising in a series of ads to, "stop ... the corporate agribusiness interests."

But, according to The Hill newspaper, those same "agribusiness interests" constitute a considerable chunk of Gephardt's campaign cash: more than $200,000 worth. Gephardt has even taken advantage of one agricultural company's corporate jet, flying to various spots on the campaign trail.

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