U.S. Can't Count on Friends for Help in Iraq

The U.S. is dealing with a bunch of liars and cowards when it comes to Iraq.

The news out of Iraq is that in the north and in the south, things are vastly improved and Iraqis are getting along quite well, thank you.

The news in the "Sunni triangle (search)" isn't so good, but I can tell you for a fact — the Baghdad papers aren't reporting gloom and doom like the American papers. I know because I've been reading summaries of editorials of the suddenly vibrant Iraqi news business.

To the folks in Baghdad, it's the Americans who are having a hard time — not Iraqis. The Americans' difficulties — wounded and dead — hardly makes the news. They're too busy figuring out their new constitution and when they will be sovereign and can run an election like the one we just had in California.

But the French don't want to help and are convincing others on the U.N. Security Council (search) to also hang back. Why?

They're afraid. Their much-ballyhooed principals, their desire to help the Iraqi people through this awful war... that's all out the window. Now they're just afraid of getting shot, and they're not going. Period. Figured as much.

And the U.N. itself? They're even worse. All that hand wringing about the Iraqis? Twenty-two U.N. workers get killed and they run. "Ooops, too dangerous? We're outta here."

Face it. The U.S. isn't going to get help because the result is good. Saddam Hussein is gone. All of our friends think that since the important thing has been accomplished, there's no point in getting off their ass.

That's My Word.

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