Topics and Guests for Wednesday, Oct. 8

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Wednesday, Oct. 8:

California voters have spoken, and it sounds like a lot of them are angry. Are political insiders at the mercy of grassroots campaigns?
Ralph Nader, consumer advocate

Will Arnold Schwarzenegger's inexperience hurt him now that he's governor of California?
Micah Sifry, author of Spoiling for a Fight: Third Party Politics in America
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

Is there trouble in retired Gen. Wesley Clark's presidential campaign camp?
Andrew Hoppin, started "Draft Clark" movement in New York

White House lawyers are sifting through thousands of documents, looking for evidence of who leaked the name of an undercover CIA agent
Christopher Wolf, attorney representing Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame

Prosecutors in Colorado are ready to lay out the evidence against Kobe Bryant
Bill Kurtis, host of A&E's The Kobe Case

While parents swear by college rankings, school administrators are more likely to swear at them
Paul Marthers, dean of admissions at Reed College

Saddam Hussein's sons have been dead for a few months now, but a group of Iraqis almost did the job on Uday Hussein a few years ago and they're telling their tale for the first time
Peter Ford, reporter for the Christian Science Monitor

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