Dear Viewers,

We are at the hotel in Century City where Arnold Schwarzennegger (search) will hold his victory, or defeat party Tuesday night. You should see the outside of the hotel -- it is "wall-to-wall" microwave trucks. It almost looks like what everyone called "Camp O.J." during that trial. Every network is here and the hotel lobby is full of TV faces you would recognize. It isn't just the California and national press that is here. I ran into an anchor for a Dallas TV station and a British correspondent minutes ago. Apparently the world is watching this one.

Last night our team went down to the big ballroom the hotel to see if there was anything going on (called snooping.) All the lights were on and many people inside were wearing "Arnold" jackets -- obviously they were "scooping" out the room for tonight's party to make sure it meets their needs.

Of course there is much discussion about whether we will know if there is a new governor when the polls close tonight. There is much "chatter" about the possibility of a recount (remember the presidential election 2000? It seemed to go on forever and there is a risk California will begin the same endless process tonight when the polls close). I hope you watch our coverage throughout the night because we are ready to do this. We have correspondents all over the state and Brit Hume will anchor as soon as the polls close.

On the Record will have two lives shows Tuesday night -- first at our regular time and again at about 1 a.m. ET, 10 p.m. PT. We will actually do the shows not from our L.A. bureau but from this hotel where the Schwarzenegger party will be. Already we are worried about technical issues -- it can be a nightmare trying to do a show on location. But, we are happy to be where the story is.

As an aside, for all of you who have written me about the "puppy housebreaking" project my husband and I are undergoing, I am happy to report that my husband called me this morning and proudly announced that the puppy had a "good" night (after several "bad" ones). I think one more bad night and my husband might divorce me! He loves animals, but I am the one who keeps bringing more home. Of course the timing of this housebreaking project could not have been better for me. No sooner did I get the puppy that Fox sent me out of town to L.A. My husband has been quick to point out my timing. But, my husband is a good sport about my job.


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