Topics and Guests: October 6

Tonight... Greta's LIVE from Los Angeles so be sure to get on the record!

We'll have the very latest on the California recall as voters in the Golden State prepare to go to the polls tomorrow.

Our own Adam Housley will bring us a live report from Huntington Beach, California where he is on the scene traveling with the Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) campaign

Plus, we'll talk with Democratic candidate Cruz Bustamante (search) about the recall race and his chances for winning.

And we'll also talk with former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan about the recall and its implications for California.

Later, we'll talk with FNC Contributor and U.S. News & World Report Senior Writer Michael Barone about the most recent developments in the recall race. Can the polls at this late hour be trusted? Will there be a repeat of the "hanging chads" controversy we're so familiar with from the Florida presidential election?

And, this is no spin... FNC's own Bill O'Reilly of The O'Reilly Factor joins Greta this evening to explain what his new book Who's Looking Out for You? is really all about.

Then, after a deadly homicide bombing in the Israeli city of Haifa, the government of Israel launched airstrikes this weekend on an alleged Islamic Jihad terrorist training camp near Damacus, Syria (search). Will these latest attacks help Israel to bring an end to suicide bombing attacks? Is there any hope left for Middle East peace under the terms of President Bush's "road map?" We'll ask former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to go on the record!

Finally, what could have gone wrong in Las Vegas when a white tiger attacked Roy Horn (search) of the famous illusionist team of "Siegfried & Roy?" And what was an adult tiger doing living inside a New York apartment?! We'll talk with both Robin Leach who is friendly with both Siegfried and Roy and we'll also get insight from animal trainer Monte Cox.

All these stories and much, much more...

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