The L.A. Times' Influence on the Calif. Recall Election

People are saying the L.A. Times tried to put its thumb on the scales of the California recall election. I find it amusing that the paper is even trying to deny it.

Reading the L.A. Times over these last weeks of the campaign, I've been left with the impression that the folks there are positively apoplectic about the possibility that a Republican could take the governor's office... and worse — that it would be an actor.

The Times has consistently referred to Arnold Schwarzennegger (search) as "actor" in headlines... like "Actor Attacks Davis" or "Actor Campaigns in Los Angeles."

The Times came up with that Arnold, the groper story last week after it tanked earlier stories about Gray Davis (search) being an office abuser, harassing his staff, bullying them and making them endure red-faced fits of temper.

Frankly, I don't know if either set of stories is true — except for the fact that Arnold has said that he misbehaved on rowdy movie sets, and has apologized for his behavior.

What I do know is that it has been fun to watch California's biggest newspaper flailing away trying to influence events statewide, trying to make sure Davis remains governor.

The people of California have displayed a remarkable independence of the L.A. Times, defying the wisdom of that left-leaning news institution.

You watch... if Arnold wins, the Times will go into hyperdrive to prove to the people of California that they made a big mistake, that the people should have listened.

Arnold better put on his cast-iron underwear because the Times is going to go after him with a vengeance.

That's My Word.

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