Topics and Guests: October 3

Tonight... get on the record!

The allegations of sexual harrassment continue to swirl around California gubernatorial candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger's (search).

We'll have the latest from California when our own Trace Gallagher joins us with a LIVE report on all the goings-on there as the recall race enters its final weekend.

Plus, we'll talk with Barbara Baker, one of the actor's first girlfriends about what Schwarzenegger is really like and whether or not she's going to vote for him next Tuesday.

Then, how are allegations of sexual harrassment and even accusations of possible support for Adolf Hitler effecting Schwarzenegger on the campaign trail? We'll get a LIVE report from Adam Housley who is on the bus with the candidate.

Also, fair and balanced, we'll get reaction to all the latest developments in the Schwarzenegger campaign when the candidate's spokeswoman Karen Hanretty joins us.

And, will all the allegations in the media this week change Schwarzenegger's image as voters in California get ready to vote next week? We'll debate it with syndicated radio talk show host Laura Ingraham and The Nation's Washington Editor David Corn.

Later, an inmate in California says he has crucial information which links accused killer Scott Peterson (search) to the murder of his wife Laci and the couple's unborn son. We'll talk with the man's attorney.

Finally, he’s speeding to the top of the NASCAR (search) circuit and gearing up for the Banquet 400 (search). Don't miss Greta's special interview with Jamie McMurray (search)! 

All these stories and much, much more...

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