Foxlight: Shame on the Walk of Fame

Here's a pop Hollywood quiz: Of Julia Roberts (search), Dustin Hoffman and David Spade (search), who has a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame (search)? Hoffman?  Nope. Roberts?  Sorry, pretty woman. 

That's right, it's David Spade.  I mean, did anyone see "Dickie Roberts?" 

The Walk of Fame's star power is getting more laughs than Spade's latest film from publications like The Wall Street Journal (search), who point out all it takes is an application and $15,000 to join the ranks of Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn and Marlon Brando.

And let's not just pick on Spade. Chris Rock is another very funny guy if you don't count "Pootie Tang" or "Down to Earth." But at this point in his career?  A legend like John Wayne? 

Suzanne Somers is a lovely woman and the Thighmaster revolutionized leg muscles as we know them, but a star on the Walk of Fame?

And the committee that decides -- part of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce -- can't take them back. Good news for people like Kevin Costner.

But wait, back to the people who aren't even there. Al Pacino? They just re-released "Scarface," so give the hoo-ha guy his due. 

My favorite missing celebrity is Emmy- and Tony-nominee Brian Dennehy. The Journal says he turned his down -- saying there were people more deserving.

You mean like Kevin Bacon, Brian?  Kevin got his last week. Which I guess is overdue considering he's just six stars away from everyone else on the boulevard.