Canada Poised to Reduce Marijuana Penalty

And now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine:

LA Times Selective Use of Anonymous Sources

As we've reported, the Los Angeles Times yesterday ran a front-page article…accompanied by a full page of text inside…on accusations that Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) over the years groped or made other unwanted advances against at least six women.

Four of the women in the story were unnamed.

Well, California political reporter Jill Stewart, appearing on a Los Angeles radio station yesterday and quoted by, said the LA Times refused to print or follow-up a story she wrote four years ago on California Democratic Governor Gray Davis' (search) violent and dangerous temper tantrums.

She accused The Times of insisting it never would, "publish a story that destroyed a major public figure's reputation based on anonymous sources."

Does NAACP Discriminate?

Two Illinois senatorial candidates, both minorities, say they are victims of discrimination practiced by...the NAACP (search).

Chirin-Jeev Kathuria and Antonio Davis-Fairman say they were excluded from an NAACP-sponsored debate Saturday because they are...Republicans.

Davis-Fairman, quoted in the Chicago Sun-Times, calls it a, "white-washing of our great party."

The NAACP says it invited only the top six candidates from each party...and that Kathuria and Davis-Fairman each enjoy the support of no more than 2 percent of the state's voters.

Canada Poised to Reduce Marijuana Penalty

Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien (search)…whose country is poised to pass a law that would reduce the penalty for marijuana use to a minor fine…says he might give pot a try once the law comes into effect and once he retires.

Chretien says, "I will have my money for my fine, and a joint in the other hand."

— FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report