California Recall Race Shaping Up to Be a Real Cliffhanger

Things must have really changed in California, my home state.

I've watched Gray Davis (search) for about 25 years now, known him in that shallow way that some reporters know some politicians... "Hi, Gray"... "Hi, John."

But I saw something today that I've never seen before. I saw Davis hugging supporters as he greeted them — a big, old throw-the-arms-around-a-guy hug.

Davis has never been a huggy-type politician. The fact that he is walking a rope line hugging supporters is so startling, it indicates something strange is happening.

When cornered, the old Davis would roll out a few million dollars worth of attack ads, the opponent would be shredded, and that would be that.

Not happening today. Davis is trying. He's demanding to know if Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) is going to own up to grabbing the buttocks of a woman he'd just met at a CNN interview God knows how many years ago.

Davis has surrounded himself with a bunch of men and women who think a man acting like Schwarzenegger acted ought to be in jail, not the governor's office. They really do.

The Democrat attorney general is seriously asking Schwarzenegger to volunteer for a criminal investigation. (The AG can't order an investigation because the statute of limitations ran out years ago.)

Here's what Californians are deciding... who do you trust more? The man who misbehaved 20 years ago when he was young and admits it, or the man who never misbehaved — young or old?

The polls — which seemed to lean toward Schwarzenegger in the last few days — are tightening. It's going to be a cliffhanger, folks.

That's My Word.

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