Below the Fold for Oct. 5

Let's check out some political stories we found Below the Fold:

Protected Speech?

A Massachusetts-based group called Change the Climate (search), Inc. soon will begin advertising on subway stations in the Washington D.C. area.

The ads will claim that legalized marijuana will protect kids, generate tax revenue and improve sex lives. When the local transportation tried to reject similar ads two years ago, the American Civil Liberties Union sued -- citing the first amendment rights of nonprofit organizations.

An Honorable Man

Friday was a red-letter day for Sen. Edward Kennedy (search), D-Mass. At about the same time he was holding a news conference branding President Bush as a liar and cowboy, the George Herbert Walker Bush Presidential Library Foundation was announcing that Senator Kennedy had been selected as the recipient of an Award for Excellence in Public Service by the foundation.

Foundation director Roman Popadiuk gushed, "Senator Kennedy has consistently and courageously fought for his principles… His commitment to excellence in public policy and his devotion to public service serve as an inspiration to all Americans."